• Seating position and the risk of passenger death in traffic crashes

    Seating position and the risk of passenger death in traffic crashes

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     1.25 million people are dying each year in car accidents. It is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 29, as well as the ones of children’s. When studying crashes, most tend to remain in the case of the drivers and forget about the other occupants, who are the most vulnerable in these cases. But a study was done focusing instead on the effects these kinds of car crashes have on the riders and passengers, especially how much of a risk they are in concerning their position in their drive.

    Back vs. Front

    Studies have shown an estimation in which sitting in the back is much safer than sitting in the front, which in turn has been estimated to be at a higher risk in a crash. These very studies have not examined the … Continue Reading..

  • What to Expect from the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

    What to Expect from the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

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    One of the hottest new vehicles on the market is the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Surprisingly, this van packs a lot into a vehicle that most people write off as being only for soccer moms. But what should you expect from the Mercedes Sprinter?

    A few things you can expect from the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van?

    Although the Mercedes Sprinter isn’t an entirely new car (it made its initial debut in 1995), it has been upgraded and updated enough to be a real contender in 2017. Much of the exterior, however, has remained largely unchanged. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a very recognizable car based on its profile and Mercedes didn’t want to mess with perfection. They’ve only made a few tweaks to headlight and grill shape and size and it is slightly larger overall. However, in many of the … Continue Reading..

  • Refrigerated van for your business: how to keep it afloat

    Refrigerated van for your business: how to keep it afloat

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    Last week I was checking refrigerated vans for sale. A refrigerated truck is the reason for the success of many businesses and helps them with some unique challenges that competition and unique lifestyle have brought forth.Read more here!

    Today’s economic challenges come with unique solutions, and for an industry that uses a cooling system, a portable refrigerated trailer can increase the quality of supplies to supermarkets, pharmaceutical manufacturers, caterers, several fast food chains and many other varieties of businesses.

    Refrigerated Van Offers Plenty of Space

    Saving on space with custom-made refrigerated vans will help you get over those smelly, loud and large truck units that you have had so long. These innovative refrigerated trucks are available in a variety of units and a variety of sizes suited to fit small spaces. The sizes range from a standard 8×16 feet … Continue Reading..

  • The advantages of having a brand new van

    The advantages of having a brand new van

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    Carrying cargo and people requires vehicles suitable for this type of activity. Sometimes you will not make the best choice choosing used vans for sale. In fact sometimes it is much better to simply buy a brand new van, but do not think we are crazy, we will show you why. The vans like Sprinter, Ducato and Master, are perfect choices as they have spacious interior design and thought to optimize transportation. If you would like to avoid trouble and not have to worry about hiring a mechanic to evaluate possible used vans for sale then the best choice is to truly buy a brand new van for sale and only deal with the fun part of having a van with your best sprinter accessories.

    Investing is necessary.

    When mounting the transport fleet, the self-employed or specialized company … Continue Reading..

  • Why mercedes benz sprinter is so reliable

    Why mercedes benz sprinter is so reliable

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    Unprecedented smoothness: a milestone in the evolution of the diesel engine is present in the sprinter vans – The new generation of the Sprinter brought to market another important technological innovation: the introduction of two-axis balancers Lanchester in their engines, representing another milestone in the evolution of thrusters diesel .

    The balancers rotate below the crankshaft, crankcase, and lead the OM 651 LA engine to a smoothness level never before achieved in this class and contribute to a lower level of vehicle noise.
    The Lanchester Sprinter balancers are the first among all the light commercial vehicles market, which once again confirms the pioneering Mercedes-Benz technology.see post here!

    6 gearshift offers more flexibility and low power consumption – The Sprinter’s engines harmonize perfectly with the manual transmission ZF 6S-450 ECO Gear 6-speed whose gear ratios also provide reduction in … Continue Reading..

  • Tips to finding the best passenger van for sale

    Tips to finding the best passenger van for sale

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    Modern and bold design, now with nine colors option – with modern, bold and very attractive design, the sprinter vans maintain the traditional profile wedge shaped. The well-known robustness of the vehicle is explained by larger headlights and the hood integrated to the grid. Also in the front, top and rear windshield have become much larger so there is an increase of visibility of the vehicle, besides producing an attractive aesthetic effect, which is also highlighted by the lateral grooves, which also denote the robustness of the vehicle.

    With the new line of sprinter vans models, nine exterior colors will be available. Besides the traditional white in the palette of solid colors, there is the availability of yellow, blue and red colors. In the metal line, in addition to silver, there are graphite, carbon black, red and blue.

    The quality

    Continue Reading..
  • The unique quality of sprinter vans

    The unique quality of sprinter vans

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    The Sprinter line Mercedes-Benz – formed by several vans of models for passenger transport, as well as vans and chassis for transport of cargo – presents new versions available to many markets. It is really easy to find mercedes sprinter for sale so you will never have to go too far.

    The models we all love so much.

    In addition to traditional Sprinter 15 + 1 luxury and standard (15 passenger seats plus the driver’s seat), the original and exclusive options 17 + 1 and 20 + 1 – greater market passenger van – increase the possibilities for customers carry more people per trip, optimizing the profitability of their businesses. These settings come already assembled factory, which ensures higher quality, comfort, robustness and security in passenger transportation. The sprinter vans offer many options for exigent consumers.

    The Mercedes-Benz innovation in … Continue Reading..

  • The pros and the cons of buying used vans for sale

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    On the one hand a van in style “like a virgin”, waiting for its owner with untouchable inner mechanics and without blemish, factory, with the famous “new smell”. On the other hand, a skilled vehicle sometimes cheaper and more attractive might seem like the right option – especially when w are talking about used vans for sale.

    Perhaps with a few scratches, but with a good chance of a good relationship with the new owner used vans for sale always seem to be a great options for those who want to save cash, but is it really a great idea to get a used van?. In times of various incentives for van purchase zero and used vans increasingly attractive, it is normal to find consumers unsure which category to choose from.

    Want to reduce the chances of problems?

    Even with … Continue Reading..

  • Repair Your Vehicles And Cars With Best Automotive Spare Parts

    Repair Your Vehicles And Cars With Best Automotive Spare Parts

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    What are the car parts? The car parts are those which make the car complete and helps to run smooth and repairing. There are several companies which provide all type of car parts and accessories they makes the car beautiful also. They stock an enormous range of best quality parts since many years to current model.read more here!

    We are talking about the parts that make fat girl slim.

    All the best parts of the vehicles are sourced from the companies and such companies also have an extensive range of alloy wheels factory. The car parts in Sunshine coast workshop offers complete book servicing, tuning and mechanical repairs are done by the franchise trained mobile air conditioning technician to keep in peak condition.

    Electric window motor is the part of a car window, which moves car window glass … Continue Reading..

  • Benefits Of Car Detailing And Its Services

    Benefits Of Car Detailing And Its Services

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    Most of the car owners make investments in purchasing car to enjoy the pride of riding it. Every person likes to enjoy a clear ride without making the car look dirty and perform in poor condition. This is not the wish of every car owner. If you can’t do it by yourself then you have many companies who perform cleaning and detailing services for your car. There are many products available in the market to maintain car in a clean and proper working condition. Professional car dealers provide excellent service to your vehicle by giving the gleam and shine which stays for weeks.

    Not only exterior part, even interiors is also cleaned in a better way by using sufficient tools and skills during the work. Now a day you find many professionals who ensure you a safe and clean ride … Continue Reading..

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