What to Expect from the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

What to Expect from the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

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One of the hottest new vehicles on the market is the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Surprisingly, this van packs a lot into a vehicle that most people write off as being only for soccer moms. But what should you expect from the Mercedes Sprinter?

A few things you can expect from the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van?

Although the Mercedes Sprinter isn’t an entirely new car (it made its initial debut in 1995), it has been upgraded and updated enough to be a real contender in 2017. Much of the exterior, however, has remained largely unchanged. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a very recognizable car based on its profile and Mercedes didn’t want to mess with perfection. They’ve only made a few tweaks to headlight and grill shape and size and it is slightly larger overall. However, in many of the prototypes, the dash has been concealed so we can only guess that there is a surprise in store there (more than likely some integration of top of the line tech!). There are also upgrades to the driver assistance systems and electronic safety systems, which allows business and insurance companies to more greatly monitor their drivers. The new Mercedes Sprinter also offers greater choice of engines, include a new turbodiesel engine. This will help with gas mileage as well as bringing the Mercedes Bens Sprinter van into 2017 with a bang!

What else should you expect from the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van?

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter also offers a range of customizable and optional specifications. You can modify your van to off road specifications if desired and also allows for the placement of workbenches, refrigerator units and racks (for those interested in customizing their Mercedes Benz Sprinter into a camping vehicle). It also will help convert that van into a business use vehicle, allowing for pet salons or construction businesses to use it to their benefit with ease. There also has been the addition of the Mercedes Sprinter worker van – the big brother to the traditional Mercedes Sprinter van – that has a larger towing capacity (5,000 pounds!), larger capacity for cargo space and payload, and a larger engine at an affordable price. On the flip side of all those customizations is the ability to also trim out the features you may not want or need. The chassis has also been tweaked for both better performance and durability of the vehicle, making this van a potential powerhouse! These vans seem to be coming in at around $30,000 for a standard model. This luxury workhorse has been upgraded for 2017 in a variety of useful ways.

Well known for its unique profile and cult status, the original Mercedes Benz Sprinter van was a classic and the new version will not disappoint. If you’re considering the purchase of a Mercedes Sprinter van for either personal or business use, you’ll be pleased to find that many things have changed while still staying with the classic van style we all know and love.

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