Why mercedes benz sprinter is so reliable

Why mercedes benz sprinter is so reliable

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Unprecedented smoothness: a milestone in the evolution of the diesel engine is present in the sprinter vans – The new generation of the Sprinter brought to market another important technological innovation: the introduction of two-axis balancers Lanchester in their engines, representing another milestone in the evolution of thrusters diesel .

The balancers rotate below the crankshaft, crankcase, and lead the OM 651 LA engine to a smoothness level never before achieved in this class and contribute to a lower level of vehicle noise.
The Lanchester Sprinter balancers are the first among all the light commercial vehicles market, which once again confirms the pioneering Mercedes-Benz technology.see post here!

6 gearshift offers more flexibility and low power consumption – The Sprinter’s engines harmonize perfectly with the manual transmission ZF 6S-450 ECO Gear 6-speed whose gear ratios also provide reduction in fuel consumption.

Perfect for all speeds – sprinter vans

With an optimized speed ratio, the new exchange favors the maneuvers at low speeds when driving sprinter vans . The ratio of sixth gear, 15% higher, helps maintain the lowest engine speed, even at the highest speeds. The driver also has an indicator that assists in shifting optimally. And it contributes to the economy in fuel consumption, the new transmission, developed for the local market, provides better handling and greater speed for the vehicle.

Extremely high safety standard – With the arrival of the current sprinter vans , Mercedes-Benz has further enhanced its recognized and exemplary level of security, creating a new standard in the market with the introduction of various technologies. One of the main advantages is the introduction of electronic control program ESP stability in the brake system, which is the integration of known ASR and ABS BAS and EBV, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, even in critical situations as well to ensure greater control and vehicle stability.

The system ABS prevents wheel lock-up, even in sudden braking, while ASR prevents wheelspin. In turn, identifies the BAS brake drive speed and reduces braking distance according to the driver’s reaction to the brake pedal. Since EBV recognizes the effect on the center of gravity of the whole vehicle and load, and adjusts the braking force on that end according wheels.

More details.

With the four integrated systems, ESP Adaptativo® ensures an adaptive control of braking increases control and vehicle stability in sprinter vans even in critical conditions, reduces the risk of lateral tipping and performs an intervention in destabilizing movements of the vehicle, such as overreaction the driver and uneven conditions of the road.

The current sprinter vans also bring greater airbag as standard for the driver and optionally for their companions. Moreover, the seatbelt tensioner operates in association with the airbag. There is also the beep that indicates the lack of use belt Driver safety.read more tips at http://www.automotiveworld.com/news-releases/mercedes-benz-sprinter-city-77-two-new-sprinter-minibuses-belzig-transport-company/

Security is also essential.

The high sprinter vans security standard also involves the concept of shock absorption observed in its unibody, foreseeing the optimum shock absorption and transferring the forces arising from collision, both front as lateral to the lower structure of the vehicle.

mercedes benz sprinter

In terms of visibility, in addition to higher windshield, the combination of a large main mirror with an additional angle mirror provides wide field of view. Also contributing to the lower security position of large optical assembly and fog lamps, which improves illumination of the road.

The integration of all these technologies confirms that the sprinter vans are the safest vehicles in its segment.

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