Which Refrigerator Van Is Best For You?

Which Refrigerator Van Is Best For You?

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Refrigerated van serves the main purpose of keeping perishable goods safe for the final consumer to use. There are various perishable goods if not stored in a refrigerator they cannot reach the market for consumption. Refrigerators come in several forms and a refrigerator van is one of them. A refrigerator van is very important for those perishable goods that need that need to be transported for a longer distance. When one wants to buy or hire a refrigerator van there are several things that one consider before going in for one or several of them depending on the bulk and nature of the goods in question. Things to consider when acquiring a refrigerator van are as follows: the model like the Mercedessprinter, size of the van, speed, and the fuel consumption so as it cannot be too expensive on your side.

Also one has to consider the defrosting system either reverse cycle defrost or hot gas defrost which are common in the semi freezer and full freezer conversions.

These vans are different in the interior and mainly on how it is structured to cool the goods. The vans are mainly custom made, usually to suit on the desires of the customers and how long the goods are going to stay in the van. There many types of refrigerator vans and they are: chiller conversion van, semi freezer conversion van, full freezer conversion van, and insulation only van. There are characteristics that one consider when going for that refrigerated vans and they are temperatures, freezer type and also carrying capacity.


Most vans vary a lot in the kind of temperatures in the cooling and freezer champers. These vans have temperatures ranging between 0c to 8c which give many industries their preferential options. A refrigerated van is purchased by an individual or an industry depending on the kind of goods they may want to transport or deliver because there are some products that need specific range of temperature. There are products that are florist which need to be in an extreme cool environment to widen their lifespan and the chiller vans are the most suitable vans to transport the florist products.s

Freezer type

There are two main freezer vans that is semi freezer vans and full freezer vans. One can acquire these type of vans also depending to their type of products they want to transport for delivery. Most of these freezers have thicker layers of insulation and they have different kind of gas that make the interior temperatures to be as low as -18c which is good for ice cream dealers.

Carrying capacity

These vans come in different carrying capacity. There are big tracks and also smaller vans hence customers are given variety to choose from. For processing companies they may go for bigger tracks unlike those smaller processers and those who small deliver of either ice-cream. According to what one wants to use for. Also they have different compartments that help in avoiding to mix the products that are transported.

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