• Tips to finding the best passenger van for sale

    Tips to finding the best passenger van for sale

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    Modern and bold design, now with nine colors option – with modern, bold and very attractive design, the sprinter vans maintain the traditional profile wedge shaped. The well-known robustness of the vehicle is explained by larger headlights and the hood integrated to the grid. Also in the front, top and rear windshield have become much larger so there is an increase of visibility of the vehicle, besides producing an attractive aesthetic effect, which is also highlighted by the lateral grooves, which also denote the robustness of the vehicle.

    With the new line of sprinter vans models, nine exterior colors will be available. Besides the traditional white in the palette of solid colors, there is the availability of yellow, blue and red colors. In the metal line, in addition to silver, there are graphite, carbon black, red and blue.

    The quality

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