Tips to finding the best passenger van for sale

Tips to finding the best passenger van for sale

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Modern and bold design, now with nine colors option – with modern, bold and very attractive design, the sprinter vans maintain the traditional profile wedge shaped. The well-known robustness of the vehicle is explained by larger headlights and the hood integrated to the grid. Also in the front, top and rear windshield have become much larger so there is an increase of visibility of the vehicle, besides producing an attractive aesthetic effect, which is also highlighted by the lateral grooves, which also denote the robustness of the vehicle.

With the new line of sprinter vans models, nine exterior colors will be available. Besides the traditional white in the palette of solid colors, there is the availability of yellow, blue and red colors. In the metal line, in addition to silver, there are graphite, carbon black, red and blue.

The quality we all love.

Interior appreciates even more space and ergonomics – The large cabin space, the new instrument panel, the various compartments storage compartments and the use of high quality materials value the internal space and the ergonomics of the Sprinter. This is also evident in access to commands and steering wheel position relative to the panel, which provides optionally buttons for communication with the radio and the phone via Bluetooth. see for details.The adjustable steering column, both in height and in depth, contributes to improved ergonomics. The ignition switch includes a central closing function of doors by remote control.

As standard, the new sprinter vans brings radio with CD and MP3 player, SD-Card entry and Bluetooth connection, which ensures connectivity and the ability to use cell phone without using your hands (hands free).

The brand new air conditioning system is a Sprinter differential. With a warning of external temperature, temperature inside the vehicle can be accurately selected and is always maintained at the optimal level regardless of the external temperature and solar radiation. Highlighting the vans, which independently control air conditioning with air vents on the dashboard and on the ceiling.

Other great pluses you will love.

Factory defaults, the seats of sprinter vans have arm rests for the driver, are designed to ensure the comfort and increase safety. The Sprinter is the only van delivered directly from a maker production line. In addition to meeting the discerning of manufacturing quality requirements, the banks of the new Sprinter are designed to meet not only the legal requirements of a bank, but also the requirements that Mercedes-Benz enforces its products, being thoroughly tested in virtual and physical tests with innovative technologies such as fixing by rails.

The Sprinter also features several standard equipment that facilitate the operation and ensure its technical superiority, as a beacon of fog, electric adjustable headlight, as well as warnings on the dashboard alerting the driver on various items of attention, such as open doors, burning torch, pads wear, low tire pressure, low level of coolant water and the wiper.

Technical information.

High transmission capacity – The current Sprinter family offers high transmission capacity, both as regards the number of passengers in the case of vans, as the loading volume of vans and chassis. This is due to greater distances wheelbase (3,250 / 3,665 / 4,325 mm) and higher PBT – total gross weight, with version 3.50 / 3.88 / 5 tonnes.

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The design-oriented logistics of the van Sprinter offers various volumetric capacity load options: 7.5 m³ / 9 m³ / 10.5 m³ / 14 m³ / 15.5 m³. The sliding side door, 182 cm high and 130 cm wide, is 24% higher compared to the previous version. As a result, it allows easy loading of a pallet from the side of the vehicle, which can also be done through the back door, streamlining and optimizing the movement of products.please visit the site!

The bottom line.

The sprinter vans are definitely the best option for freight companies or even for single users.

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