The unique quality of sprinter vans

The unique quality of sprinter vans

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The Sprinter line Mercedes-Benz – formed by several vans of models for passenger transport, as well as vans and chassis for transport of cargo – presents new versions available to many markets. It is really easy to find mercedes sprinter for sale so you will never have to go too far.

The models we all love so much.

In addition to traditional Sprinter 15 + 1 luxury and standard (15 passenger seats plus the driver’s seat), the original and exclusive options 17 + 1 and 20 + 1 – greater market passenger van – increase the possibilities for customers carry more people per trip, optimizing the profitability of their businesses. These settings come already assembled factory, which ensures higher quality, comfort, robustness and security in passenger transportation. The sprinter vans offer many options for exigent consumers.

The Mercedes-Benz innovation in the sector and brings the first van for mixed use in many countries, with capacity for six occupants and 7,8m³ load compartment. Aware of the market, the company has a factory solution that addresses the need of customers who need to carry smaller volume of cargo and more passengers without giving up comfort. The main markets for this product are vehicles of promotion teams, organization of events, photo and filming, advertising, catering, among others.check this page!

The options of sprinter vans are amazing.

Mercedes-Benz also begins selling the Sprinter van glazing, designed to bring in more quality solutions demanded by the market in which the glasses are needed, which is critical for the transformation of vans. There are growing segments such as mobile offices and vans limousine type that require this setting.

Further valuing this line of success recognized products, they are expanding the options of choice for customers, going to market new models. Mercedes-Benz has the most complete line of light commercial vehicles in the world, with 52 versions available, which means there is perfect sprinter vans for everyone.

Great quality, always.

In reference agility and productivity – The Sprinter is also a market reference in agility and efficiency. The current line provides many more advantages to customers, contributing to increased productivity in their cargo transport activities or passengers, resulting in increased profitability.

The current Sprinter excellence meets two of the biggest challenges of transport: reduction in fuel consumption and emissions index. Its Blue EFFICIENCY technology covers an efficiency package that aims to optimize the functioning of the internal engine sub-systems. Moreover, its transmission was developed based on typical needs the application of light commercial vehicles.more tips at

The best passenger vans for sale

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When it comes to low-emission and respect for the environment, the Mercedes-Benz OM engines 651 LA biturbo 4-cylinder are featured in its two power ratings: the 311 CDI Street version has a 114 hp engine, with torque 28.5 mkgf delivered in the wide range from 1200 to 2400 rpm. Have versions 415 CDI and 515 CDI has 146 hp powertrain with torque of 33.6 mkgf 1200 to 2400 rpm.
With high power and torque, the Sprinter vehicles gain greater agility in traffic, with uprooted and resumed better and with higher average speeds.

The unique technology uses BlueEFFICIENCY recirculation system of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), given the PROCONVE P-7 (Euro 5). Are you ready to find the perfect passenger vans for sale from Mercedes?

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